OGC Engineers is a specialist engineering consultancy. The Principal is Atholl Robertson, a chartered Engineer with more than 40 years’ industrial experience.

Services include:

  • Engineering management
  • Preparation, proofreading and structural editing of technical and academic documents
  • Electrical and control engineering
  • Mechanical utilities engineering
  • Constructability reviews.



How we operate

OGC Engineers work with companies and organisations as an extension of their own management and engineering teams to formulate solutions of the highest standard.

We specialise in short-term single issue projects where the employment of additional staff with the required expertise proves uneconomical.

We can also provide ongoing project support over longer periods.


Our main fields of engineering activity

  • Oil & Gas upstream and downstream,
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy Industry
  • Power generation
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Industrial electrical installations.


We work in compliance with the appropriate International Standards – IEC, BS, EN, DIN, AS/NZS, ASME, IEEE and Shell DEP.


Confidentiality and security

In today’s competitive commercial environment, given the vulnerability of systems and projects to external interference such as hacking, and the insecurity of public domain platforms, confidentiality and security are of prime importance.

All works by OGC Engineers is undertaken on a strictly confidential basis.

OGC Engineers use a secure email platform for communications. Drafts and printouts of design development documentation are sent for disposal by a certified secure document destruction service. Works carried out for each client are segregated both by folder and by device.

Due to security and confidentiality considerations, OGC Engineers does not have a presence on social media