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Our mission is
to provide our clients with
effective application of appropriate expertise




Engineering management


OGC Engineers provide engineering management for short-term projects or specific project phases covering both greenfield and brownfield project works.

We cover overall management functions including:

    • Identifying and selecting the right mix of team skills
    • Defining discipline specific skills requirements
    • Reducing system obstacles to effective project management
    • Deconstructing silos and the attitudes causing them
    • Removing overly complex systems
    • Ensuring that routine tasks are carried out at the correct level by technicians or administrators.


Electrical control
electrical engineering picture



  • Electrical FEED design and documentation.
  • Load lists, motor lists.
  • SLDs
  • Schematics.
  • Hazardous area classification.
  • Transmission and distribution design.
  • Protection schemes and studies.
  • Fault level calculations.
  • Earthing studies.
  • System descriptions.
  • Basis of design.
  • Design of site temporary construction facilities



Programming a Protection relay for
1100kW HV motor driving a crude oil pump.


Mechanical Engineering



  • Utilities; steam raising, fired heaters, heat exchangers
  • Heat and energy recovery.
  • Pinch and availability analysis.
  • HVAC.
  • Evaporation studies; natural, multiple-effect, MVR



Improving evaporation efficiency


constructability evaluation



  • Electrical and control systems.
  • Maintenance considerations.
  • Risk assessment workshops.
  • 3-D model reviews.
  • Order of assembly and disassembly of major components.
  • Shut down or staged retrofitting.
  • Construction site requirements.
  • Temporary construction facilities.




image001OGC Engineers Editing provides a comprehensive service for preparation, proofreading, copy editing and structural editing of technical documents. OGC Engineers provides expertise in preparing:

  • Tender technical proposals
  • Descriptive, narrative and operating philosophy documents
  • Basis of Design
  • Work method statements
  • Procedures
  • Scopes of work
  • Quality systems setup
  • Operating and Maintenance manuals
  • Academic Publications, Dissertations and Thesis Editing
  • Technical articles
  • Advertising copy and newsletters



The production of clearly written documentation in good English is essential to ensure the requirements of a project are clearly and unambiguously defined. Poorly drafted documentation is open to misinterpretation causing delays, rework, wasted materials and claims. Eliminating grammatical and spelling errors, improving the flow of ideas, ensuring correct referencing and aligning with project requirements makes the difference between confusion and clarity. Clarity is especially important for projects with multinational participants who do not necessarily speak English as a first language.

OCG Engineers’ editing draws on experience spanning more than 30 years of technical documentation drafting and editing and covering tenders, contracts, technical proposals, feasibility studies, scopes of work, narratives, design basis, method statements, implementation plans, risk assessments, quality procedures and manuals and operations and maintenance manuals. This long experience has been applied to project implementation for multi-million dollar projects undertaken by major international companies and contractors based in the UK, USA, Japan, Italy and the Middle East and also in the context of process improvement projects for smaller companies.


Academic Documentation

Editing ensures the structure and style is compliant with institutional or publication requirements. Generally, academic institutions restrict the scope of third party editing for journal papers, dissertations and theses and do not permit structural editing, rewriting or any activity affecting the originality of the work. However the academic editor can check consistency of abstract, summary and conclusions; correct spelling and grammar and the referencing style and suggest improvements to continuity and flow of ideas.

OGC Engineers’ professional editing experience can make the difference between honours and failure; between publication and rejection.


Technical and Commercial Websites

OGC Engineers’ professional editing service will identify broken or misdirected links and ensure that the content is precise and relevant.



Atholl profile

Atholl Robertson, principal of OGC Engineers, is a chartered engineer with more than 40 years’ industrial experience in mechanical utilities and electrical engineering. Atholl is also a qualified proofreader and technical editor trained to find and correct the commonly overlooked errors that untrained people miss.

He has extensive experience in drafting and editing of technical documents and editing of multidisciplinary academic publications, dissertations and theses to a high standard, working to a tight schedule.

An experienced writer, he can guide you or draft documentation for you to achieve clear communication with maximum impact.

Examples of documentation drafting and editing:

  • Electrical scope of work, basis of design, specifications and operational philosophy for crude oil pumping facility main substation.
  • Due diligence report on high voltage cable termination methods.
  • Proofread and edit PowerPoint tender presentation for stand-by 33kV power unit.
  • Draft and edit operation and maintenance manual for turbo-alternator upgrade
  • Draft and edit changeover plan for replacing control building HVAC chiller units and ductwork without affecting production control facilities.
  • Draft, review and edit QA procedure for installation of an industrial chiller unit.
  • Proofread and edit Masters and Doctoral theses.
  • Review and edit academic paper for peer reviewed journal publication
  • Check and review commercial website.



Proofreading mark-up

Proofreading mark-up

Corrected version with tracking

The annual report of the cast cost of the electric light at the South Kensington Museum that shows that in a a larger installation, consisting both of are arc and incandescent lamps , the annual cost of the latter is is much less than in either of the clubs mentioned. At the Museum there are 860 16 candle-power lamps, working 665i 655½ hours per annum.,

Copy edit

The annual report of the cost of electric light at the South Kensington Museum shows that in a larger installation, consisting both of arc and incandescent lamps, the cost of the latter is much less than in either of the clubs mentioned. The Museum has 860 16 candle-power lamps, working 655½ hours per annum.

Substantive edit

Lighting in the South Kensington Museum uses both arc and incandescent lamps; there are 860 incandescent lamps of 16 candle-power, working for 655½ hours per annum. This is larger installation than in either of the clubs abovementioned, and the reported annual running cost is much less.



“Atholl drafted and edited many engineering documents, including method statements, procedures, narratives, proposals, technical queries and reports. These were produced to a very high standard, being precise, unambiguous and clear. This was a great advantage to us, due to many of the client's personnel not being native English speakers. I would highly recommend Atholl both as an engineer and as a technical editor.”
Stephen O’Callaghan, Project Director, SNC--Lavalin, ELE-1, Ichthys Onshore LNG Facilities, Australia.


“Atholl’s report was thorough and this will allow us to implement his recommendations with the new website currently being developed. In addition to his proofing of grammar, Atholl also picked up broken and incorrect hyperlinks that have remained long after pages had been removed or deleted.”
Bryan Livingston, Director, Brewers Coop 2016 Ltd